Writing: Information Reports

I am learning to write an information report.

I'll know I can do this when I can plan and write an information reports with a title, topic sentence, and a group of facts about a subject.

Something that was hard was finding all of the facts and write them down in the time we had.

Maths Porowhita

WALT: say the number one-thousandth one-hundredth one-tenth one and ten etc before and after any given number.

I'll know I can do this when I can solve simple addition and subtraction problems involving positive and negative numbers.

Something I learned was where whe tenths hundredths and thousandths were on the number chart.

Art Attack: Don Binney

I am learning to create art inspired by Don Binney.

I'll know I can do this when I have created a landscape with a foreground, middle, and background.
My bird and my background are coloured using pastels and natural colours.

Something I found challenging was picking the right colours for my bird.

Learner Qualities

I am learning how to communicate.

I'll know I can do this when I can identify a variety of ways I can communicate with others.

One way I communicate is saying who I am in sign language.

Reading Putakitaki

I am learning to make connections between the text and my prior knowledge.

I'll know I can do this when I can plan and write an information reports with a title, topic sentence, and a group of facts about a subject. 

Something I found challenging was finishing my SML's.

Procedural writing

WALHT: write a procedure.

Something I learned about  writing a procedure is you need to write instructions about what you are making.

Something I would like to do better is to add more detailed verbs in my procedural writing.

Here is my writing:

Jelly Pops

Goal: how to make jelly pops

Requirements: jelly crystals,jug,measuring cup,whisk,
party cups,fruit sticks and water

  • Firstly set out the ingredients

  • Carefully put 1 cup of boiling water and cold water into the measuring cup

  • After quickly pour the jelly crystals into the water and stir softly until dissolved

  • Pour the watery jelly into the party cups and then put the fruit sticks into the party cups
  • Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes

  • And then eat them

Peace Week 2017

I have been learning about Peace Week.
Peace Week is an annual tradition organised by The Peace Foundation every year. You can learn more about The Peace Foundation by following this LINK.

As a way to learn about Peace Week I did three different Peace Week activities.

With Miss Brennan we created a poster to help promote peace and Peace Week.
With Mrs Baker we made hand print doves and wrote messages of peace on them.
With Mr Horn we looked at the symbols of peace such as the dove and created origami doves.

Here is an example of one of my activities

Student Led Conference

My highlight at my Student Led Conference was sharing my statistical poster because we got to draw what our poster was about.

I am most proud of sharing my tiki because it was beautiful and strong looking and it had awesome colours because the colours were warm colours.

I think my parents enjoyed everything because they love hearing me share about my learning.

Next time I would like to share more of my reading.


My learning goal this term is order and sequence the ideas in a text and understand correct grammatical features in a text.

I can do this by putting the ideas in the right order.

This photo shows my learning.