Procedural writing

WALHT: write a procedure.

Something I learned about  writing a procedure is you need to write instructions about what you are making.

Something I would like to do better is to add more detailed verbs in my procedural writing.

Here is my writing:

Jelly Pops

Goal: how to make jelly pops

Requirements: jelly crystals,jug,measuring cup,whisk,
party cups,fruit sticks and water

  • Firstly set out the ingredients

  • Carefully put 1 cup of boiling water and cold water into the measuring cup

  • After quickly pour the jelly crystals into the water and stir softly until dissolved

  • Pour the watery jelly into the party cups and then put the fruit sticks into the party cups
  • Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes

  • And then eat them

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